We strongly believe in the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in order to meet and exceed clients requirements on the project.

Maphope Civils has the expertise to offer engineering service to mining companies, government organization, non- government organization (NGO’s) & industrial companies. These services range from initial consultation, planning, design, through to the implementation, commission, ongoing maintenance support of the overall project.

We are committed to sharing our intellectual capital and expertise by developing relationships and partnering with other black owned enterprises, thereby providing and delivering solutions and skills to our clients who are operationally controlled through equity participation.

Maphope Civils is owned by a skilled and competent woman, the company is based in Middelburg, Pretoria and Johannesburg will be expanding in provinces as soon as the business needs arises.


We aim to establish an organization that will not only benefit the company’s individually but also provide platform and opportunities to the previously disadvantaged, disable individuals in the sector to realize their full potential. Maphope Civils sets itself apart from other construction companies through its ability to engage in projects that are specialized and requires high end finishes as is typically found in residential and up market complexes.We plan to employ people as part of our job creation strategy.

  • Our mission is to be the best trusted, successful, sustainable and professional business in the country
  • To establish a financially stable and notable establishment with in the favorable South African dispensation
  • To manage and execute capital projects to add value to all stake holders
  • To create effectiveness and efficiency to the capital execution pr
  • To grow a large sustainable company that seeks to eradicate poverty and provide hope for the futur
  • Management of large and complex projects and ensuring timeous completion with in a controlled
  • To ensure effective utilization of materials, plants and all equipment on each specified pr

We have adopted ourselves to a mission statement “Service Excellence”

Our goal is to be a well-respected, profitable and successful business both nationally and internationally, known for its impeccable execution of projects with the upmost standards and class. We would also like to be noted for efforts to create jobs in the hopes of building a better South Africa

Our Vission

Collectively we wish to live up to our name, being the light to our business partners, facilitating job creation and shared economic development.

To be the leading provider of customized business solutions whilst empowering and developing previously disadvantaged individuals including youths and woman.

Our Values

  • Integrity is the golden thread throughout our dealings with all our clients and anyone we come across
  • We aim to certify our clients with our products and the quality of our services
  • Honesty, professionalism, commitment, respect and dignity are imbued in both our business and personal
  • We exist for our clients and enjoy serving them

Our Objectives

  • Employment equity will be maintained across all race and gender while aligning with government‘s stance towards empowerment
  • Execute all technical challenges to provide excellent solution that will exceed the client expectations
  • Empower our staff to becoming a strong technical team and be recognized by the engineering institution