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Maphope Civils offers, apart from general building services, the professional management of sub-contractors whether direct, nominated or selected. It has an intense understanding of construction processes and disciplines. Our main areas of focus is in the residential market (alterations, renovations, refurbishments, new dwellings and remedial works to failed structures), civil maintenance for mining institutions, commercial renovations and alterations, insurance claims and remedial structural work.

Providing construction solutions

The core of Maphope Civils’s business remains housing and more specifically Social Housing. We have extensive experience in all areas of Social Housing.

Residential housing

  • Private Residential homes
  • Peoples Housing Projects
  • Project Based (RDP Type) Housing
  • Rental Housing
  • Mine Hostel upgrades
  • Building Home Loans
  • Retirement villages
  • Bonded Housing

we Cover

  • Clinics
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Upgrades
  • Community Buildings
  • New Offices ( Private Sector and Government)

Commercial projects

• New factories and alterations

Township Infrastructure forms an integral part of successful Social Housing Development and Construction

  • Water Works
  • Sewer, water reticulation and households connections
  • Road construction
  • Road repairs and Maintenance
  • Reinforced Concrete Foundations
  • Paving Installations and Maintenance

On a limited and selective basis we develop properties for our own and/or client’s account. This incorporates all of the development and term finance) aspects as outlined under Turnkey Design and Construct but includes the procurement of project finance (both).

This function entails the overall project management, from the sourcing of land, bulk and link infrastructure, appointment and management of the professional team, and the physical delivery of the project, be it civil infrastructure/housing and/or both.

Maphope Civils sets itself apart from other construction companies through its ability to engage in projects that are specialized and requires high end finishes as is typically found in residential and up market complexes

Structural Steel

  • Platforms
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Structural Steelworks – Construction of Carports


• Mechanical Repairs and Maintenances

Turn-key Construction that provides services in a wide spectrum of areas including:

  • Residential & Commercial Property Developments
  • Residential & Commercial Property Refurbishments
  • All Roads & Services to Property Developments
  • Plumbing Services
  • Project Management
  • Structural Steel Work
  • Civil Works & Services
  • Civil Maintenance Contracts
  • Insurance repairs and maintenance
  • Remedial Works to Failed Structures


Completed Projects


Qualified Engineers


Working Equipments

Maintenance Services

  • General Households Repairs and Maintenance Services
  • Insurance Repairs and Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Repairs and Maintenance Services

and Logistics

We providing General Transportation Services to all industries locally and cross-border.


  • General Residential and Buildings concepts
  • Designs of Buildings and and house plans

and Suppliers

We do provide General Construction Materials to aid you achieve your business goals


  • General Gardening Services
  • Irrigation Services and Maintenance
  • Supply of Lawn and Installations
  • Road Side Grass Cutting

Props and Scaffolding

  • Hiring of all types of scaffoldings
  • Hiring of all building tools
  • Hiring of types ladders

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